How we clean your duct

How is my furnace cleaned up and serviced during a heater and duct cleaning?

While your air ducts are being cleaned up, the serviceman is totally taking apart the furnace to tidy and service all of its primary components. The blower motor assembly, which consists of the real estate, blower wheel, and motor, is mechanically inspected. The blower wheel is entirely removed and cleaned up separately. The burner assembly is totally cleaned up of carbon buildup and mechanically inspected. The ignition and security controls are mechanically inspected and adjusted. Heat exchangers are cleaned up of carbon buildup and visually inspected for fractures and flaws. The pilot assembly is cleaned up and burner flames are adjusted for peak efficiency. The flame sensor is cleaned up and inspected. The gas valve is tested for peak efficiency. The furnace is inspected for gas leaks and any indications of rust. The control box is inspected with any associated wiring and connections. The furnace filter is evaluated and changed if required, filters are an additional cost. All components are reassembled and tested in a full cycling of the furnace to complete the cleaning and maintenance. A finished service report of inspection and service requirements is offered to you following the service.

Exactly what if my furnace requires repair work?

We do not have enough time on our cleaning schedule to complete extra repair work. However, we can complete a service diagnosis at the time of the cleaning at no service charge and schedule a service truck to complete the repair work at your convenience. Keep in mind that routine maintenance with furnace and duct cleaning is just that, not repair work.

Exactly what if I have any problems following the service?
Due to the fact that we are a mechanical professional, we guarantee our service backed by 24-hour emergency service assistance from our servicemen. Our servicemen cycle every furnace they clean up and service as a part of the mechanical service inspection and to guarantee whatever is working appropriately following the appointment. Any problems that might occur are constantly dealt with as quickly as possible whether it is our friendly workplace staff dispatching one of our senior servicemen or the on-call serviceman assisting you straight.

Exactly what is the difference between a visual inspection and a mechanical inspection of the furnace?
A visual inspection is just that, visual only. Elements are not removed, tested, or totally inspected. When you eliminate a heater door, you can only see half of the components of the furnace– implying only half of your furnace can be visually inspected. Anyone who has 2 eyes can complete a visual inspection.

Our service Tech finishes mechanical inspections at furnace and performs a furnace system clean. Exactly what this means is that our qualified serviceman will totally disassemble your furnace to mechanically check and examine all of its primary components. This likewise guarantees that an extensive cleaning of the fan and blower motor is completed. A mechanical study is completed letting you understand how all of the components on your furnace are working and whether anything is need of repair work or replacement. Just certified servicemen can complete a full mechanical inspection, which is exactly what is constantly advised when dealing with gas devices.

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